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Change your Communication

A tool for teams who want to change the world.

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Goals and Emotions

Measure and analyze your team's emotions in real time.
No more bad surprises.

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Support self-organized and autonomous teams.

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Introducing teamwork.cool

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Functions of our App

In the displayed screenshot you can see some of the functions provided by our mobile app. The functional scope of our application goes far beyond the possibilities of the visual presentation. For this reason, we recommend that you make an appointment with us, so that we can demonstrate the functionality and advantages of our application.


Configure your personal profile data. Animate team members with gamification.

Happiness Index &

Visualization of the team’s (status/mood/happiness)

Activity stream

Display of team activities considering (in regards to) their personal privacy settings.


Using benefits!

Use the advantages of our Application. Measure and improve your teams and employees in their daily work environment. Under strong compliance of the data protection regulations, you can monitor and accompany the change processes.

Team & Company Culture

Expand and develop the team culture with direct and honest 360° feedback. Support coworkers in difficult tasks.


Increase satisfaction in your company and reduce unwanted and expensive loss of employees.


Increase the efficiency and motivation of your coworkers and employees by continuously communicating with them.

No Zombies at work

Empower your employees by what they do. Support your self-organized or distributed teams.


Increase transparency in your team and eliminate "blind" spots in the company.


Personal status display and visualization of team status in real time. Measure and analyze emotions in your team.

How it works!

Our tools should be easy to use! We focus on usability, therefore only a few steps are neccessary to get started.



Setup Team & Personal Profile


Team Application

Teamwork.cool is a modern Web-Application for Android and iOS, which also supports modern Browsers. Additional to these applications we also support Chat Solutions (Slack and Microsoft Teams) and API's based on REST. This allows your team members to provide their feedback at any time with the preferred communication tool.

App and Desktop Screenshots

App Screens

Pricing Plan


For individuals or test purposes

0 €

30 days free use of the complete range of functions

After 30 days no team and team analysis functions are possible

For test purposes and individuals

Limited Support

Advertisements in the app and in the web application

Most popular


2,99 €*

* per Team member per month

For Teams up to 8 members

Complete functionality for Teams

Advanced analysis functions

Support via HelpCenter


Full range of functions

109 €*

* per month per team

25 Team members included

Each additional team member 10,99 € per month

Enterprise support via the Support-Hotline and our Help-Center

Enterprise analyses as Enterprise Information System (EIS)

Complete functionality for Teams

We like to provide you with our tools free of charge, but the software development and hosting of our solutions costs money. In addition, we want to offer our customers and partners a future-proof and secure platform. Unfortunately, this is not possible without a cost model or cooperation. If you are interested in cooperating, don't hesitate and contact us via the contact form or the social media channels.

Some FAQ

We are happy to answer your questions about teamwork.cool. Should we not be able to answer all your questions in this short section, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our web application lets teams work and get closer together more effectively” Communicating the emotions of team members has many advantages! Managers can thus react earlier to negative deviations and blind spots. Supervisors can react to deviations and negative fluctuations earlier. In addition, the documentation of emotions leads to the fact that one has to deal with the topics that occupy one.

Additional functions such as the BurnOut guardian or the distribution of Kudos to colleagues are important functions for the development of a positive team culture.

There are several "stories" that inspired us to come up with the idea for teamwork.cool. One of the most significant was certainly our experience as managers in large companies.

The unknowingness that one is sometimes at the mercy of as a manager is not acceptable. Demotivated employees and their mood fluctuations can result in enormous losses for companies. From our point of view, these negative effects can be mitigated by a continuous survey of employees.

Privacy and data protection are important to us. We know that we deal with sensitive data which is why we pay the utmost attention to your confidentiality.

How do we assure this?
1. We have privacy agreements with all our hosting providers.
2. As a user of our applications you have control at all times over who can see your personal data and posts.
3. The settings are initially set to private for all postings.

The main goal of our start-up, are happy employees to form successful and efficient teams. This allows these teams to deliver with their strength and focus on the essentials, high performance (products).

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